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Annapolis, MD

Archeologico jewelry is designed by Sonja H. of Annapolis, MD. 


South America


Tawa Wood 

Tawa wood comes from the seed of a palm tree in the Amazon rainforest. South American natives create beautiful handmade works from the tawa nut, which is also known as ‘vegetable ivory’.

Peruvian Opals

Found only in the Andes Mountains of Peru, the Peruvian Opal has been used in rituals, for jewelry, adornments on clothing, and decoration on vessel since 1000 BC.  Peruvian Opals, with a translucent to opaque nature, can be either uniform in color or with scenic variations in color. The soft hues range from Caribbean Sea blues and greens to pale petal pinks.  Considered a gift from the ancient Inca Earth Mother Goddess Pachamama, the stone continues to be treated as sacred to this day.