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Annapolis, MD

Archeologico jewelry is designed by Sonja H. of Annapolis, MD. 

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Middle East


Kuchi Tribal Jewelry

The word Kuchi literally means “those who go on migrations.” The tribal Kuchi are Afghan Pashtun nomads.  The wealth of a Kuchi family is noted in their livestock and elaborate handcrafted tribal coin jewelry.  Mixtures of Afghani, Pakistani, Iranian, and Saudi coins individually, or decorated with dangling bells, make up the beautiful pendants.  Many of the Kuchi have fled Afghanistan because of war, and resettled in neighboring Pakistan.

Evil Eye Beads

“Evil Eye” beads have been used around the world for thousands of years as amulets of protection against greed, jealousy, and envious looks. These beads are believed to reflect away negativity.  Blue beads are symbolic of water and prosperity, red beads of luck and good fortune. Still popular to this day in Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East, they can be seen as symbols on currency, found hanging in homes, and worn as jewelry.