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Annapolis, MD

Archeologico jewelry is designed by Sonja H. of Annapolis, MD. 

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Venetian Trade Beads

In the 18th and 19th centuries, beautiful glass beads from Venice were introduced for trade with Africa. The highly decorative beads featuring flowers, stripes, and mosaic designs appealed to the Africans’ love of bright color. These beads were treated as valuable personal adornments be their tribal owners. Thousands of trade beads are in private collections around the world.

Roman Glass

“Roman Glass” is used to describe glass made in the Roman Empire.  This glass was excavated in what was the Bactrian Kingdom, a major trading center on the Silk Road between 600BC and 600AD.  The advanced and wealthy society was accomplished in industry, art, and philosophy. During the 1st century AD ‘aqua’ glasses were introduced. These beautiful beads have been re-cut, shaped, and drilled from ancient glass shards.